Silicone-free shower

Are you tired of constantly changing the silicone in your shower? Dzignstone developed a unique solution that makes the use of silicone in your shower superfluous!

Imagine: No endless cleaning rituals, mold and silicone in the shower are a thing of the past. Enjoy more time to spend on things that really matter.

What makes the silicone-free shower so unique? This new finish does away with silicone without sacrificing quality. The result? A watertight shower with a seamless transition between your shower tray and wall panels!

And that’s not all! Your silicone-free shower adds a luxurious and modern look to your bathroom with its sleek look and high-quality materials.

Say hello to a worry-free shower experience with your new silicone-free shower!

  • All-in-one package, ready to install
  • Solid Flat shower tray
  • Wall panels, 205 or 250 cm high. Width according to your shower setup
  • Beautiful matt white finish
  • Plug & play installation

Easy maintenance of your silicone-free shower

The connections between your shower tray and wall panels are filled and finished with a solid surface emulsion. Your silicone-free shower is seamless and waterproof over the entire shower cubicle, resulting in easy maintenance.